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Evacuation Procedures Courses

Evacuation Diagrams


Do you have evacuation diagrams located at strategic points in your building? These are an essential part of your evacuation procedure and are required by occupational health and safety legislation. We can design your emergency evacuation diagrams using our special software.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Fire is a potential hazard in all workplaces, more of a risk in some than in others. Further, there may be a number of other reasons why workers may have to evacuate. Under Section 21 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 the employer has a duty to provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment. This includes providing a safe system of work, information, training, supervision, and where appropriate personal protective equipment.

Fire Safety Inspections

Our fire safety inspection is based on emergency service building inspections that inspect all fire fighting equipment and emergency exits ensuring that everything is in order. Are your extinguishers the correct type, are they maintained properly, are your fire doors, exits and exit doors operational? We then provide you with a written report that is ideal for your Occupational Health and safety Committee.