Emergency Planning Committee Online

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Bring in the experts and make sure your Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) is fully prepared to oversee emergency management at your site.

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Remember, under OH&S Act (WA), the national WHS Act and the Australian Standard Planning for Emergencies in Facilities 3745-2010, your workplace is required to have an emergency evacuation plan, fire equipment, and First Aid resources.

This online course is suitable for:

  • Your Emergency Control Organisation (Chief Warden, Area Wardens and Wardens)
  • Professional development
  • Job seekers
  • Resume building

Course Content:

  • Identifying events that could reasonably produce emergency situations.
  • What is the committee and it’s functions
  • Developing evacuation procedures and emergency resources
  • Nominating the validity period for the emergency procedures and the evacuation wall diagrams
  • Establishing an emergency control organisation to operate in accordance with the emergency procedures
  • Ensuring that the register of Emergency Control Organisation members is current and readily available.
  • Ensuring that the emergency response procedures remain viable and effective by reviewing, and testing the emergency response procedures at least annually.
  • Ensuring that the emergency plan is reviewed at the end of the validity period, after an emergency, an exercise, or any changes that affect the emergency plan.
  • Ensuring that a permanent record of events for each emergency is compiled and retained.
  • Identifying and rectifying deficiencies and opportunities for improvement in the emergency plan and emergency response procedures.
  • Identifying events that could reasonably produce emergency situations.


You are to successfully complete a number of assessments at the end of each session.


Upon completion, participants will be presented with a Certificate of Completion.

Course Duration:

Allow 35 minutes


There are no pre-requisites required for this course.


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