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Professional Development


The plans and preparation to avoid emergencies and to cope with them effectively if they do happen, needs acceptance in the organisation that it affects. If the plans and preparation are done in isolation, with no acceptance by those in authority at the facility, the occupants will not take ownership of the procedures in emergencies. In order to get this buy-in by those in authority, the AS3745 requires that the responsibility for developing implementing and maintaining all the essential components of emergency planning be held by the EPC. The EPC must, therefore, be representative of the stakeholders in the facility.

Price:   $15.00 + GST

Fire Equipment and evacuation online

This online course is suitable for workplace induction training, general professional development and career building. Participants will understand the basics of first attack fire-fighting equipment and develop an understanding of evacuation procedures, legislation and the Emergency control organisation

Price:   $22.00 + GST

Manual Handling

We all know that unsafe manual tasks are the most common cause of work related injuries. These injuries cause personal suffering, loss of income and may also have a big financial impact on your business. Help to raise awareness of hazards in the workplace and to understand the methods for controlling their risks. This will help reduce the risk and frequency of manual task injuries

Price:  $21.00 per person + GST