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Comprehensive Fire Safety Inspections

Our fire safety inspection is based on emergency service building inspections that inspect all fire fighting equipment and emergency exits ensuring that everything is in order. Are your extinguishers the correct type, are they maintained properly, are your fire doors, exits and exit doors operational? We then provide you with a written report that is ideal for your Occupational Health and safety Committee.

Price is subject to building size and height.

Inspect and Secure Your Building

Our fire safety inspection is based on emergency service building inspections that ensure all fire fighting equipment and emergency exits are functioning properly. Our comprehensive fire safety inspection will help you inspect and secure your building, making sure that all fire prevention measures are in order.

Discuss Your Business Requirements

Before our fire safety inspection begins, we will have a detailed discussion with you and your elected representative about your business requirements. This initial meeting will provide us with the information we need to ensure that our fire safety inspection is tailored specifically to your needs.

Written Fire Safety Report

Once the inspection is complete, we will provide you with a written fire safety report, outlining any significant fire safety issues as well as our recommendations. This report will help you understand the potential fire risks in your building and will provide information on how to minimize or eliminate those risks.

Complete Fire Prevention Plan

Once you have the report, our team of experts will help you develop a complete fire prevention plan. This plan will outline all of the steps needed to ensure that your building is safe and secure. We will also provide ongoing maintenance and support to make sure that your building meets all fire safety standards.
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