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What makes up a fire evacuation plan?

There are 3 main factors that make up an effective fire evacuation plan in Perth:

Evacuation Diagrams

Evacuation diagrams are essential to any fire evacuation plan. They are often situated throughout common areas and general paths of travel in areas where they are easily seen by people.

These diagrams show vital information that is essential in case of emergency. In accordance with AS3745 they must at a minimum show the firefighting safety equipment, designated exit points, emergency assembly areas & evacuation routes. Normally, a workplace must have at least two exit routes, including a secondary escape route, to permit prompt evacuation of employees during an emergency.

The total quantity of evacuation signs and diagrams will be established by the Emergency Planning Committee, also known as the EPC.

Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Plans contain all information relating to the facilities emergency plan and emergency response and evacuation procedure.

All roles & responsibilities of staff will be listed here as well as emergency phone numbers, potential hazards and risks for the workplace, emergency procedures, visitor management & other vital information.

Emergency Training

All members of the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) must be well rehearsed with their duties and preparedness in accordance with the emergency response plan.

Regular Fire Safety training must be conducted to ensure all relevant staff are familiar with their roles & able to confidently perform should an emergency situation occur.

Fire Safety training may include activities for pre & post emergency, training using first-attack firefighting equipment, fire evacuation drills or simulations for visitors or occupants who may have mobility restrictions or medical conditions.

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