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designed to raise awareness of best practices to eliminate risks that cause injuries and fatalities in the workplace. Subsidies are available to reduce training costs from Construction Training Fund.

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Learn how to provide first aid in an emergency

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Accredited Fire Warden Training

and fire equipment training

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Testimonials and Reviews

We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction

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Specialising in Fire & Safety Training in addition to professional development courses.

First Aid and CPR Training

Providing CPR on mannequin
Accredited provide first aid and CPR courses

First aid training packages that provide you with the knowledge and confidence to administer first aid care and treatment in the workplace or in personal situations.

Take a look at our most popular course that covers treatment for adults, children, and infants in a wide range of emergency situations. Learn more

Fire Warden Training

Fire warden training
Accredited fire and chief warden training

Nationally accredited PUAWER006B - Lead an emergency control organisation and PUAWER005B - Operate as part of an emergency control organisation.

This training course develops and provides key skills for your Fire Wardens to assist in emergency situations. Learn more

Fire Equipment Training

Accredited fire equipment training

Ideal for all workplaces, this nationally accredited course demonstrates appropriate use of fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and hose reels.

This has the potential to limit extensive fire and smoke damage to businesses and possibly save lives. Learn more

Evacuation Procedures

person near a firetruck
Evacuation diagrams and inspections

Remember it's the initial stages of an emergency that is critical to saving lives and it takes time for the Fire Brigade to arrive.

Skills Force Australia offers an inclusive range of services and courses that suit the specific needs of your business, staff, and premises. Learn more

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14 Sep 2018

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25 Jul 2018
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Fire Equipment only $99
1st August 0800am at
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17 Jul 2018
New office address for Skills Force

Unit 3, 12-14 Baretta Road, Wangara effective 30th July 2018

why us

Skills Force Australia is a private RTO that has significantly lower overheads compared to our larger competitors and we pass these savings on to you. In fact, we have demonstrated over time that we offer our clients outstanding value for money and publicly indicate our rates.  

More recently, we passed a stringent 5-year audit conducted by the Training and Accreditation Council in 2016; so you can have faith that we deliver very high standards in our training and assessment activities. Our training facility is located close to Malaga and Osbourne Park.

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USI Information

A USI is a reference number made up of ten numbers and letters that creates a secure online record of your recognised training and qualifications gained in Australia, from all training providers you undertake recognised training with. It will give you access to your training records and transcripts and can be accessed online, anytime and anywhere.

All nationally recognised training requires a valid USI. Find out more about what a USI is and how to apply for one. Learn more

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Fire Extinguisher Training


Training Fund

The Construction Training Fund provides funding support for training of eligible workers in the construction industry.  We acknowledge the support of the Construction Training Fund in reducing the costs of training for eligible workers. For more information, please visit the Construction Training Fund website.


And Reviews

Skills Force Australia constantly seeks feedback from participants and employers with over 98% of them positive. We review these from time to time and have made improvements to equipment and training presentations. The following feedback is kept anonymous due to privacy regulations.

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