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Manual Handling Online

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The purpose of this online course is to educate participants in how to carry out their work safely and to prevent injuries in the workplace or at home. Almost all jobs include work that involves performing some form of manual task. This course also provides practical guidance for managing risks associated with those manual tasks that have the potential to cause or contribute to injury or illness.

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We all know that unsafe manual tasks are the most common cause of work related injuries. These injuries cause personal suffering, loss of income and may also have a financial impact on businesses. This short course will help to raise awareness of manual handling hazards in the workplace and to learn manual handling techniques.

Course Content:

  • Reduce the risk of manual task injuries in the workplace,
  • The most common manual task hazards,
  • Different measures for controlling manual task risks,
  • The importance of mechanical aids,
  • Safe lifting techniques


Upon completion, participants will be presented with a Certificate of Completion.

Course Duration:

25 minutes


There are no pre-requisites required for this course.



You will be issued with a certificate of completion once you have met all requirements of this course.

Certificates are available for download from our Online Learning Management System.

System Requirements:

The system required to be able to complete the training are:

  • Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox latest version
  • JavaScript enabled
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • A screen resolution of 1024×768 is recommended

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