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Small Business Emergency Procedures

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Price: $548.90 (Inc. GST)

The Emergency Response Plan assists you in meeting your obligation to develop a plan for your business so your workers know what to do in the event of an emergency.

The Emergency Response Plan contains key components to managing emergencies in any business and includes policies and procedures on evacuation communication, emergency evacuation, bomb threat response, medical emergency procedures, a first aid policy plus more.

This comprehensive document can be easily implemented and is suitable for all businesses.

The Emergency Response Plan includes a blank workplace/facility plan and evacuation plan complete with relevant icons so you can highlight the location of items such as first aid equipment, fire protection equipment, assembly points, evacuation routes and more.

Please Note: This price applies to buildings with a maximum of 2 levels in height and floor area no greater than 300 square metres.


We will assist your organisation to effectively prepare for, prevent, respond to, recover from and review emergency situations.

Emergency planning is pivotal to the ongoing safety of your staff and organisation. We ensure that your site will be compliant in accordance with AS 3745-2010 ‘Planning for Emergencies in Facilities’

What you will receive:

  • Emergency procedures, including:
    • An effective response to an emergency
    • Evacuation procedures
    • Notifying emergency service organisations at the earliest opportunity
    • Medical treatment and assistance, and
    • Effective communication between the person authorised to coordinate the emergency response and all people at the workplace
  • Testing of the emergency procedures—including the frequency of testing, and
  • Information, training and instruction to relevant workers in relation to implementing the emergency procedures.

Emergency Plan Development Should Include:

  • Hazard identification and assessment
  • Emergency resources
  • Communication systems
  • Administration of the plan
  • Emergency response procedure
  • Communication of the procedure
  • Debriefing and post-traumatic stress procedure

Hazard Identification and Assessment

This involves a thorough review that includes but is not limited to;

  • Materials handling, transportation, equipment or product installation, hoisting, temporary structures, materials storage and commissioning activities
  • Environmental concerns
  • Consultation with the client concerning potential hazards
  • Proximity to traffic and public ways
  • Tools such as material safety data sheets to determine potential hazards from on-site materials

Construction sites are dynamic, which is why hazard assessment should be an ongoing process. Once hazards are identified, you should then assess the potential risk each hazard poses. For each hazard ask;

  • What can go wrong?
  • What are the consequences?

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