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Evacuation Diagrams

Suitable for small to medium sized buildings only

Do you have evacuation diagrams located at strategic points in your building? These are an essential part of your evacuation procedure and are required by occupational health and safety legislation. We can design your emergency evacuation diagrams using our special software.

Firstly we require existing blueprint or building plans so that we can generally match your emergency diagrams to them.

We then visit your workplace and draw up a draft map from your building plans outlining egress pathways, exit door locations, location of fire equipment and assembly areas. We then send you a copy of the draft plans based on your building blueprint for your approval (Remember that our aim to keep these evacuation diagrams simple).

Finally we prepare laminated wall diagrams for each specific location in your building.

* We prefer our clients to frame and fit the diagrams to building walls so that they will save on costs and also they have a better idea of what type of frame and colour they want. However when required Skills Force Australia can arrange installation.

Price is subject to size and height.

If you require more information, please don't hesitate to contact us on (08) 9309 4722; Mobile 0417777811


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