Conflict Resolution Online

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Sometimes, conflict can arise, whether it is in a professional or personal capacity.

There are many ways to resolve conflicts – surrendering, running away, overpowering your opponent with violence, filing a lawsuit, etc.

Conflict resolution grew out of the belief that there are better options than using violence or going to court. Today, conflict resolution is used in a wide range of industries covering an array of different situations.

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Course Content:

  • About conflict
  • Causes and identifying conflict
  • Stages of conflict
  • Understanding our response to conflict
  • Developing your assertiveness
  • Approaches for dealing with conflict
  • Four steps to resolving conflict
  • Skills to support effective conflict resolution
  • Empathy and emotional intelligence
  • De-escalating anger and the HEAT technique


Upon completion, participants will be presented with a Certificate of Completion.

Course Duration:

Allow 25 minutes


There are no pre-requisites required for this course.


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